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Hi, my name is Jan Babák, and I specialize in web development. I enjoy working with technologies like Java, Spring, Swift, Typescript, and JavaScript.

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About me

My name is Jan Babák, and I have been studying web development at the Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague. I started programming in high school as an optional subject in 2017. A year after, I took the Introduction to Computer Science course at FIT CTU, where I learned to program simple games in Java, and I realized there I wanted to become a software engineer and decided to study at FIT CTU. And I've had a passion for software development and technology ever since.

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I have experience working on both the front end and back end. For frontend development, I am knowledgeable in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Vue.js framework, and the Vuetify component library. Additionally, I can create native mobile apps using Swift language and Swift UI framework. I am also capable of creating wireframes, designs, and prototypes in Figma.

I know object-oriented programming (Java, C++). For backend development, I am proficient in Spring. I am also experienced in SQL, Postman, git, GitLab, GitHub, Docker, and Swagger. I have a basic understanding of Linux, as I used Ubuntu as my primary operating system for one and a half years.

Java Spring framework TypeScript Swift Vue.js git
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I started as a Software engineer at Azul systems in July 2023, contributing to the Azul Intelligence Cloud. I work with a global team, coordinating across different time zones. My role involves designing and developing features, resolving bugs, and maintaining code. I work with technologies like Java, AWS, Docker, Gradle, Git, GitLab, Jira, and Confluence.


Here are a few projects that I have created or participated in.

Frontend of e-shop administration

Administration of e-shops is a web application belonging to the company Jagu s.r.o. As a part of my bachelor thesis, I participated in the development of the frontend. I worked in a team of 4 people (2 frontend, and 2 backend developers). I developed the parts of the administration that deal with manufacturers and products sold on e-shops...more

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Moneybag is a tool for managing personal finances that allows users to create and categorize records, analyze income and expenses, and manage multiple accounts.

The backend was written in Java using the Spring framework and uses a MySql database for data persistence. The frontend is a single-page application connected via REST API and built with TypeScript, Vue.js, and Vuetify.

Developing this project improved my skills in backend development, including creating custom JPQL queries, API filters, and working with Spring Security.

  • Java
  • Spring
  • MySql
  • Swagger
  • Docker
  • Vue.js
  • Vuetify
  • TypeScript
  • git
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Cryptify is an iOS mobile app that enables users to track the real-time prices of cryptocurrencies. It provides users with up-to-date rates and charts displaying price movements, trades, and order books. The app allows users to save their favorite currencies, create watchlists, receive notifications, and customize the UI.

I designed the app using Figma, then developed it in Swift language and Swift UI framework utilizing the MVVC architecture.

This project gave me valuable knowledge of mobile development for iOS devices.

  • Swift
  • Swift UI
  • MVVC
  • Xcode
  • git
  • Figma
Cryptify app screenshots

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